Lacas in Philadelphia Business Journal

November 19, 2015 By Lacas News Editor

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Seinfeld says Lacas is Good Coffee

February 16, 2013 By Lacas News Editor

Check out this funny Video at Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Jerry Seinfeld has a series of short films up that have him picking up different comedians in lots of different cars, and going for a cup of coffee. This one happens to be at the Bendix Diner on Rt. 17 in Hasbrouk Heights, NJ, owned by Eva Diakakis, one of Lacas’ long-term customers.

Click on the image below to view the Video.

Lacas Coffee at Bendix Diner with Jerry Seinfeld

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How Coffee Changed America

February 11, 2013 By Lacas News Editor

Here’s an interesting info-graphic. How Coffee Changed America, – click on image below to view full size.