Restaurants Say…

Left to Right - Owners: John Fifis, John Giambanis and Nick Fifis

Ponzio’s Restaurant

“As second-generation owners, we’ve continued a long-term relationship with Lacas Coffee now for more than 40 years. When we saw our customers becoming more educated on coffee and demanding more premium coffees, we worked with Lacas to meet those needs. We changed the way we brew coffee, we trained our staff on where this coffee comes from and we launched limited edition and seasonal lines. We hear our customers loud and clear, and they appreciate this quality of coffee. We’ve worked with Lacas hand-in-hand to produce the best cup of coffee. Your purveyors are your partners, ones that will invest in your business. Lacas has gone above and beyond, and it’s a win-win situation.”

John Fifis
Co-owner, Ponzio’s Restaurant
Cherry Hill, NJ


Ryan Middleton

Larry’s II Restaurant & Cafe

“When we remodeled our restaurant, we set out to improve our coffee program with a separate coffee shop and café.  It took over two years of planning, but Lacas helped us out, and they became more than a coffee company. They educated us on the roasting process and the details that go into selecting coffee, like cupping and tasting. Our coffee shop offers more convenience for customers and a premium product for customers who demand better coffee. We are making an investment in the coffee business, and Lacas has helped us achieve that.”

 Ryan Middleton
Co-owner and General Manager
Larry’s II Restaurant and Café
Vineland, NJ


Mighty Joe’s Gas Grill & Deli

Vince Valente

“When our owner, Larry Valenzano, first tasted what he thought was the best Darjeeling tea he had ever had, he knew he had to have that product at his business. That was Lacas tea, and we’ve now sold Lacas Coffee products for over 20 years. We offer cappuccinos, iced coffee, fresh-brewed iced tea and seven flavored coffees in addition to our best seller—Original City Roast. Our customers love it. There’s competition for coffee just down the street, but we have customers who just love this coffee. Lacas Coffee makes great products that the company stands behind.

Vince Valente, Manager
Mighty Joe’s Gas Grill & Deli
Shamong, NJ