Cold Brew Filter Packs

Cold Brew Filter Packs


Premeasured, pre-ground, ready-to-brew filter packs are now available for home use! Brewing fresh cold brew at home has never been easier.

Each pouch contains 3 - 4oz. filter packs.

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When following directions, each filter pack makes about a quart of finished cold brew. (less if kept as concentrate)


  1. Place 1 filter pack in a pitcher (a little larger than a quart).

  2. Pour 32 oz. cold, filtered water over the pack, and cover. Let brew in the fridge for 20 hours.

  3. Remove filter pack gently. You now have Cold Brew concentrate!

  4. Add 8 oz. cold water or to taste. Or keep as a concentrate and pour with milk or use in a recipe like our Cold Brew Brownies.

  5. Keep Cold Brew refrigerated.

Good up to 5 days after brewing.

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