Client Results…

The following describe current relationships with a variety of our distributor customers.  Lacas’ skilled coffee staff works flexibly with these companies providing a range of services to grow their coffee and beverage sales in their markets.

A.  A growing national multiservice – OCS and Foodservice – company acquires a privately owned Mid Atlantic OCS distributor.

While the national company goes to market with national coffee brands at a number of price tiers including their own private label coffee line, they discover the addition of Lacas Coffee and the Lacas team provides a number of unique advantages:

  • Highly rated premium coffees with a history of customer preference in the region
  • Both Lacas label and private label coffees
  • Premium coffees roasted when ordered
  • Delivery on a weekly basis
  • Coffees custom packed in the way the distributor requested; counts and weights
  • Smaller minimums, customized to ‘start up’ new products
  • Attention to customer’s/client’s specific coffee, tea and allied product needs
  • Provide local market expertise
  • Train distributor sales staff
  • Provide marketing POS
  • Opportunities for contract purchasing

While folding the new acquisition into their overall business the national company management discovers that working with the Lacas team is like having an in house, full time partner devoted to driving their coffee and beverage business.

B.  Regional broadline Foodservice Distributor seeking to develop a coffee, tea and beverage program

 Having made the decision that greater opportunities for growth come from developing their existing and prospective restaurant operators with a complete beverage program, this distributor sought a high quality coffee, tea and beverage program. Lacas and its team provided the company:

  • Market analysis of existing and prospective customers’ coffee use and preferences
  • Equipment and service alternatives for brewing equipment in order to establish a program
    • Costing models to develop price structure based on account volume
    • Amortization models for equipment depreciation
    •  Sales team training and sales ride withs?
      • Lacas on site sales team assistance closing key opportunities
      • Continual sales team training
      • Marketing materials
      • The right coffee list for their region’s taste preferences with the correct number of blends. This includes the teas, related beverages and allied products at the outset. The list evolved as business dictated.

C.  Successful Coffee, Tea and Beverage Distributor seeking to grow a private label coffee line into current coffee profiles in order to capture a broader market.                        

Our Lacas team met with the company ownership, managers and sales team to learn about their view of their opportunity to grow and their inability to compete successfully in certain market sectors. We worked together to develop market information with the Lacas team providing a significant amount of regional market information. Together we arrived at a plan to (1) improve and streamline their existing private label coffee and tea offerings, (2) add a specialty line of coffees and teas to open new markets and (3) provide a systematic approach to rolling out training, marketing, targeting and execution.


  • Review overall market and Distributor’s market opportunities in order to define coffee, tea, beverage direction.
  • Match current private label specific taste profiles (for traditional coffee lines)
  • Develop a new specialty coffee line
    • Review distributor’s market, competitive review, regional preferences, market analysis and history
    • Determine direction with distributor regarding marketing approach
      • packaging decisions
      • Add flavored coffees add hyper-caffeinated products
      • Train sales and administrative staff
        • To the new products and the ‘on site’ sales process
        • To develop a targeting process of existing and prospective customers
        • Participate in the design and development of marketing materials