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Get your share of the market

Key supporting facts and OPPORTUNITIES:

  • 82% of coffee is consumed before 12 noon each day in the US
  • 36% of people brought their coffee to work from somewhere other than home
  • 80% of coffee is consumed at home – if your customers enjoy your coffee, you might consider retailing (TAKE OUT) your products
  • Specialty and gourmet coffees like cappuccino, espresso & flavored coffees have experienced double digit growth in the last number of years
  • There were 1,500 coffee shops in1990. In 2012 there are over 22,000.
  • Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s recent remarketing of their stores is all about coffee. Virtually nothing is being said about donuts and other breakfast items.

The Lacas Coffee Branded Retail Program will help you increase your sales

Get the immediate attention of your customers that you have great coffee

Communicate to your customer:

  • The quality of your coffee
  • The importance of coffee in your establishment
  • That you are prepared to sell coffee quickly on a Take-Out basis with your Fresh Food Menu


1. Airpot Pumpskins

Airpot Pumpskins – for Newco 2.2 liter airpot


2. Airpot Racks

available to accommodate 2, 3, 4 or 6 airpots


3. Airpot Backdrop Board

accommodates rack for 3, 4 or 6 airpots

4. Equipment Wraps for:

a. Curtis Gem or Bunn Dual b. Bunn Soft Heat c. Bunn TD-4T
d. Instant Cappuccino e. 3-gallon Iced Coffee Container

5. Coffee to Go

a. *Paper Cups – 24 oz. – 20 oz. – 16 oz. – 12 oz. – 4 oz.*Lids available in black dome, white dome and white flat accommodating allcups except 4 oz., which as has white flat lid*Four Cup Carriers*Hot Cup Sleeves b. 96 oz. Java to Go Box


6. Decanters


7. Tell your customer you are Brewing their favorite coffees

a. Decanter Clips b. Magnetic Labels for Passion of Day counter sign and Static Clings for Airpots and satellite brewers c. Receivers for static clings for satellite brewers

8. Signage

a. Lacas Coffee Served Here (22”W x 16”H) – Window or Wall a. You Can Take It With You (22”W x 16”H) – Window or Wall c. Passion of the Day (8-1/2” x 11”) – Wall or Counter
d. Organic/Fair Trade (8”W x 12”H) – Wall or Counter e. Museum (28”W x 19”H) – Wall f. Ring Box (28”W x 19”H) – Wall
g. Fresh Brewed Sign (36”W x 18”H) Wall h. Fresh Brewed Banner (5’W x 2’H) Wall i. Wallpaper (2’W x 4’H) Wall
j. Three-Cup Dangler (16”W x 17”H) Ceiling Hanging k. Four-Cup Dangler (20”W x 17”H) Ceiling Hanging l. Cup Dangler (15”W x 24”H) Ceiling Hanging
m. Cup Pole Sign (30”W x 42”H) Outside n. Menu Board with Kit (36”W x 26’HKit includes menu item slats, numerals, dollar signs and decimals n. Menu Board with Kit photo 2

9. Lacas Retail Display Rack

for customers who want to brew at home

10-3/4”W x 6-1/4”D x 23-1/4”H – Holds up to 12 retails bag.