Original City Roast (medium roast)

Original City Roast
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Size: 96 x 2.5 oz.Price: $90.00
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  • Original City Roast
  • Original City Roast
  • Original City Roast

Our outstanding Original for over 90 years, characterized by a rich aroma, a complex layering of flavors, and a sweet full finish.                                                                                                                                                             Also available in 96-count boxes of 2.5 oz. fractional bags. Each bag is filled with coffee pre-ground at a medium fine setting, for use in residential and commercial drip brewers. 96 x 2.5 oz box qualifies for free shipping, too! 1 bag = 1 pot of coffee!

Customer Reviews

We go to Country Club Diner in NW Philly just for this coffee, August 5, 2017
We have been raving about the coffee for years at our local diner and decided to ask the manager about the brand. It is great to know that it is a local company. It even keeps the great flavor when you get it topped off for hotter coffee.

First time trying,- tasty and delicious, February 25, 2017
Add more or less to suit your taste. May not be strong enough for Starbucks people.

Best Coffee, December 28, 2016
Found this coffee in a restaurant here in Wyomissing Pa. Had to find out what brand it was and where to get some for my use at home. My son gave me two bags for Christmas and it is great! He sent for it.

Best cup of diner coffee I ever had., October 7, 2016
Had three cups this morning at the Red Robin Diner in NE Philly (NOT the Red Robin burger chain)! Best cup I ever had at a diner! Delicious!

Very best, January 4, 2015
The best coffee I have ever had the joy to put in my mouth!

Original City Roast, November 28, 2014
Fantastic coffee. Day or night. First had it years ago in Stone Harbor, NJ. I look for and have ordered it ever since.

Better than Starbucks!, November 15, 2014
The first time I tasted Lacas coffee was in a small french restaurant in Gettysburg, Pa lasy Spring. I asked the server what coffee it was and she wrote down the name Lacas Original City Roast. I now order in bulk from the Lacas website and have been trying new flavors. I was a Starbucks loyalist previously but Lacas is my new coffee and I have been sending it to friends.

Love the Blueberry Cobbler Coffee, July 20, 2014
Just tried the Blueberry Cobbler coffee at Bongo′s in Ocean City and it is was delicious. You could really taste the blueberries. Just ordered it so I can enjoy it at home.

I′ve Found It!, July 12, 2014
After going to Pappas Restaurant in BOOTHWYN PA for breakfast the past two years it occurred to me to ask what coffee they used. We always loved the coffee there. I google searched it and voila! I ordered on a Sunday and it arrived at my door that Tuesday. Best coffee ever!!

Reunited and it feels so good!, May 14, 2014
I first tried this delicious coffee at my new favorite diner and the owner gifted me a few packets for only $3! I searched forever online for Lacas with no success. Yesterday while in center city I saw a truck with the website and nearly screamed!! Now I can have this coffee whenever I like and I can finally use the third packet I′d been saving!!!

Good Cup of coffee, October 13, 2013
What a way to start the day. I love this coffee with my breakfast. Nice and Smooth and no aftertaste. Buy this coffee.

It′s the Best from East to West!!, October 11, 2013
I was given a bag of Lacas OCR coffee as a gift from a student who′s parent′s owned a diner. From my first taste I knew it was the best coffee I had ever had. I have shared it with all of my family so they too would know how really great coffee can taste. Well Done!!

my favorite, September 30, 2013
I usually have this at my favorite diner. I′m so happy I′m able to purchase this online. It is a fanastic blend.....love love love it

First time, love Lacas Coffee, September 30, 2013
The first time I ever tried Lacas coffee was a t a local restaurant, ii asked the server the brand of coffee this was and she told me Lacas! I worked in many different coffee shops and I must say by far yours is the best, I really enjoy the medium roast!

Love this coffee., September 25, 2013
Lacas coffee is a lovely, full bodied coffee that never disappoints. It is never bitter and perfect for any time of day. Wish it was available more widely.

Brilliant coffee, September 20, 2013
Being a big coffee drinker for years, I have finally found my perfect roast of coffee. Rich in flavor in every sip I would not recommend any other coffee.

90 Years of Expertise!, September 20, 2013
OCR which is Lacas Coffee′s most popular coffee always delivers a rich layered taste. I love drinking OCR throughout the day.

Great Coffee !, September 14, 2013
After having 2 cups of the City Blend at a restaurant in Virginia Beach 2 weeks ago I bought a bag from them as well !! Excellent flavor !!! I will be ordering more from you soon !!!

Great Coffee, August 16, 2013
A fantastic everyday coffee, medium roast and just a perfect blend.

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Original City Roast

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