Winter Blend (medium roast)

Winter Blend
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  • Winter Blend
  • Winter Blend

A delicious blend of hazelnut, cinnamon and graham cracker. Also available in 24-count boxes of 2.5 oz. fractional bags. Each bag is filled with coffee pre-ground at a medium fine setting, for use in residential and commercial drip brewers. 1 bag = 1 pot of coffee!

Customer Reviews

My favorite coffee, January 20, 2017
I live in PA and have ordered this coffee faithfully for the past two years after trying at a small shop in Centreville, MD. So smooth, delicious and not too heavy. Smells heavenly, too!

The crack of coffee, December 26, 2016
Seriously, the flavor mix on this is pretty perfect. No bitter notes at all and the spice blend is warm and complex. No other "flavored" coffee tastes as good as it smells while this one may taste as good or better than sticking your nose in a freshly popped bag. Ordered 10 last year, putting in my order now so I have it for the next 10 months!

Winter blend should be all year long, April 13, 2016
Love this blend. Cannot believe you stop it each year. Let us know if you find some more.

Winter Blend should be all year long, April 6, 2016
Just received this blend in the mail. My wife is very picky when it comes to her coffee. Right away she said that this winter blend is tops. I have to agree with her, and think that it should be available all year.

Finally found the perfect blend, January 3, 2016
This coffee is amazing. We had it in Ponzio's restaurant in Cherry Hill NJ and that was it ....fell in love with it and I have tried many many coffee's. So we ordered a case gave it to neighbors to ring in the holiday's and now they are all taken by the smell and taste. We plan to make it our signature coffee daily! Thank you Lacas Coffee Company! Happy New Year in 2016!

Incredible!, February 3, 2015
I had this coffee before I moved from NJ. Now I live across the country and I order it online. No other coffee tastes as great as this!! I won't drink anything else.

In LOOOVE!, December 30, 2014
I went to a local diner here in Pa and tried this beauty! Seriously flavorful and aromatic! I came right home to look up the coffee company! Can′t WAIT to brew some at home! Mmmm!

A-Mazing!!!, January 27, 2014
I usually buy coffee from the store... I′m no guru... but I′ve had my share of fancy blends... I have been visiting or stalking a NJ Diner because that′s the only place I could find this coffee... and here we are! I′m so excited to be able to have this at home.... I am BEAMING!!! #oooSoHappy

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Winter Blend

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