Your customers demand exceptional coffees.

Lacas Coffee has the expertise and premium product line to meet and exceed your customers’ needs. We will work with you to select the ideal beverage program to fit your customers’ unique taste preferences. Our team will train you on everything from the sourcing and selection of coffees to packaging and delivery. No matter what size your business may be, our full-range service program will support your success in coffee distribution sales.

• Groceries
• Food Distributors
• Office Coffee Service
• Box Stores
• Mobile Caterers
• C-Store Distributors

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What types of distributors does Lacas work with?

Lacas roasts coffees for distributors of all types, including wholesalers, broad line food service distributors, grocery, OCS/vending and Convenience store distributors.

Why Lacas?

We have a passion for coffee and we like to share that with our customers. All of our coffees are 100% new crop arabicas roasted to your order. Over the last 90 years our family owned and operated business has refined our roasting process and developed many skilled coffee crafts people. Roast Master Rob Johnson and Production Operations Manager Joe Ronketty have worked carefully to coordinate roasting and production of just in time coffees for our customers. Rob, John Vastardis and Michael Vlahos select the green coffees and determine the specifications of all of our Lacas coffees. Michael is also a certified coffee grader for the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

Will Lacas Coffee roast coffees and pack in my label?

Private label is definitely an option. We have many distributor customers for whom we produce coffees in their label, given sufficient volume. For more private label information, click here.

Does Lacas roast to order?

Yes, distributor orders are freshly roasted as they are placed.

How does Lacas manage its roast profiling?

Our panel of three coffee cuppers determine and maintain the consistency of the taste profiles of each Lacas and private label single origin or blend coffee.

Does Lacas participate in the sustainability of its local community?

Yes, in a number of relationships throughout the community. Some examples include our active work with The Food Bank of New Jersey, Cathedral Kitchen, Virtua Health System, Perkins Center for the Arts and others.

Where does Lacas source coffees?

We source our coffees from all over the world. These locations include Central (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Salvador), Latin America (Colombia, Brazil, Peru), East Africa (Ethiopia and Kenya), Indonesia (Sumatra, Java) Papua New Guinea and Hawaii among others.

Does Lacas travel to coffee growing countries?

Our coffee buyers travel to farms in coffee regions such as Africa, Central and Latin America. Recent trips include Peru, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

Does Lacas Coffee source and sell sustainable coffees such as Organic and Fair Trade?

Yes, Lacas Coffee has the following certifications:

• USDA Organic


• Fair Trade USA

• Star K

Are any of Lacas’ coffees kosher?

All Lacas coffees are Star K Kosher certified.

Does Lacas offer a branded coffee program to help my customers sell coffee?

Lacas carries a selection of Point of Sale signage, branded equipment wraps and branded cups and sleeves. Research suggests branded programs sell between 8 – 30% more coffee.

Does Lacas have a retail program?

Yes, Lacas has a complete Lacas retail program for specialty stores, restaurants and grocery stores available in award winning 12 oz retail packaging. Point of Sale marketing is provided.

Lacas Coffee Single Cups for Keurig brewers are available as well.

Will Lacas provide training for my sales team?

Yes, we provide training for sales teams in:

  • Coffee Basics and Intermediate training
  • Coffee Cupping (tasting)
  • Current trends in coffee

Does Lacas provide teas and other beverage products?

We carry tea (hot and iced) in Bigelow, Mighty Leaf and our own label. Additionally we offer hot chocolate, instant cappuccino, Monin syrups and so on.

Does Lacas provide marketing tools and ideas?

Yes, we can help you with sales strategic planning and sales meetings and POS materials such as shelf talkers, sell sheets, brochures, signage and more.

Where is Lacas coffee currently available?

Lacas coffees are currently served in thousands of restaurants in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania which Lacas Coffee Company delivers directly.

Through a variety of distributors we currently provide Lacas label and private label coffees in throughout the United States.

Will you provide samples in order that my company can taste a selection of coffees or simply arrange for an initial meeting?

Yes, contact us using the form on this page and we will be happy to arrange a tasting.