Coffee is our main priority at Lacas. From Quality Assurance, Roasting, to Sustainability, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with consistent, premium coffee at reasonable prices.



At Lacas, we are committed to serve you the highest quality coffee with hand selected beans from around the world. Even though the FDA does not consider coffee to be food, we would like to provide some general insight into our coffees and manufacturing process below:

  • We roast Regular and Decaffeinated Coffees in our facility located in Pennsauken, NJ.
  • Our coffees are hand selected and roasted in house to specific standards and flavor profiles.
  • Our Decaffeinated Coffee is either decaffeinated by Swiss Water Process or via other standard industry processing.
  • Due to seasonality and trade secrets, we do not list the country of origin for our coffee blends as they are subject to change in order to keep our flavor profiles consistent.
  • We offer specialty coffees that are Organic Certified by Organic Crop Improvement Association, Fair Trade Certified by The Fair Trade Alliance, Rain Forest Certified by the Rain Forest Alliance and Kosher Certified by Star-K. Each package would bear the appropriate symbol if it has been certified by any of the above agencies.
  • We do not manufacture the flavoring for our Flavored Coffee and the exact ingredients are proprietary to our supplier. Our flavored coffees are suitable for Organic and Kosher. The flavoring may contain Natural and Artificial Flavors but are allergen free.

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We source our coffees from all over the world:

Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador), South America (Colombia, Brazil, Peru), East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania) and South East Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Java) and specialties from other parts of the world.

Some of these coffees, like our Mexican Chiapas Dark Roast, are sourced from Fair Trade Organic certified farms. We also seasonally purchase coffee from farms with the following certifications: Rainforest Alliance, and various others!

Ripened coffee cherries

Ripened coffee cherries



From Light, to Medium and Dark roasts, we focus on bringing out the best of the beans we offer. Blends are specifically chosen to provide a consistently delicious cup of coffee - every time. Our most popular blend, famous for its presence in most diners in NJ and beyond, is the Lacas Original City Roast.

Not all coffee is blended - some beans stand on their own. Our Single Origin offerings highlight the unique and interesting flavors coffee can possess. These unique characteristics can vary depending on the season and time of purchase, but don't worry - we cup every single coffee we roast to ensure you get the delicious flavor you expect. Any coffee marked as single origin is 100% only from that specific country or region.

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