We will help you craft a coffee and tea program that both meets your customers’ demands and fosters strong sales.

We will train your staff on the best ways to brew and store these exceptional coffees, ensuring the best quality beverages for your customers and supporting sales for your business. Since 1921, Lacas Coffee has provided the food service industry with premium products and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to food service has never wavered but has simply expanded to meet restaurants’ changing needs and customer’s growing interest in high-quality coffees.

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FAQs – For Restaurants and Cafés

How does Lacas manage its roast profiling?

Our panel of expert coffee cuppers determine and maintain the consistency of the taste profiles of each Lacas and private label single origin or blend coffee.

Does Lacas participate in the sustainability of its local community?

Yes, in a number of relationships throughout the community. Some examples include our active work with The Food Bank of New Jersey, Cathedral Kitchen, Virtua Health System, Perkins Center for the Arts and others.

Does Lacas Coffee travel to coffee growing countries?

Our coffee buyers travel to coffee growers in Africa, Central and Latin America. Recent trips include Peru, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Kenya

Does Lacas Coffee source and sell sustainable coffees such as Organic and Fair Trade?

Yes, Lacas Coffee has certifications from:

• USDA Organic


• Fair Trade USA

• Star K

Are any of Lacas’ coffees kosher?

Yes, all Lacas coffees are Star K Kosher certified.

Will you provide samples in order that my staff and I can taste a selection of coffees?

Yes, just contact us at the form above and a Lacas Sales Representative will be happy to arrange a tasting.

What are the most popular coffees currently served in my style restaurant?

When our Lacas representative calls on you, they will learn about your customers, your menu and your restaurant. Once we get to know more about you, we can recommend coffees that will be successful with your customers.

Does Lacas provide coffee shop start up and espresso training?

Yes, your Lacas representative can assist you in determining your needs to plan a coffee shop, determine equipment needs, establish a coffee, tea and beverage menu, train your staff and be prepared to open.

Will you come back and retrain my staff if there is turnover?

Yes, your Lacas representative maintains a relationship with you constantly. They will know your staff and work with them in developing their coffee and beverage knowledge including retraining.

Does Lacas Coffee have a branded Lacas program to help me sell coffees in my restaurant?

Research suggests branded programs sell between 8 – 30% more coffee. Lacas Coffee carries a selection of Point of Sale signage, branded equipment wraps and branded cups and sleeves.

Can Lacas Coffee help me grow my restaurant’s beverage and overall profitability?

Your Lacas representatives will help you with many different approaches to marketing high quality coffees, teas and other beverages to increase your profitability.

What other products does Lacas carry?

Please see our Allied Items List Here.

Does Lacas have a retail program?

Yes, Lacas Coffee has a complete retail program for specialty, restaurants and grocery stores available in award winning 12 oz retail packaging. Point of Sale marketing is provided.

Lacas Coffee Single Cups for Keurig brewers are available as well.