How to Brew: French Press


How to brew using a French Press:

This method works by the infusion process.

  1. To a 32 oz French Press Pot add approximately 8 tablespoons (2oz.) of coarse ground coffee. (For other sizes, use about 2 tablespoons per 8 oz. of Press Pot volume. [Note: not per 8 oz of water]
  2. Pour hot water (brought just to the boil then cooled for 1 minute) over the coarse ground coffee being sure to saturate all of the coffee and fill the pot.
  3. Wait exactly 4 minutes (after 1 minute stir and add additional water if necessary to be sure pot is full) and put press top on pot.  At exactly 4 minutes begin to push the press down slowly to force grounds to bottom of pot.
  4. Pour coffee as soon as pressed.  If you made more than one cup, do not leave in press pot.  It will over-extract and become bitter.  Simply pour into a thermal carafe to drink later.
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