How to Brew: Moka Pot


How to brew using a Moka Pot:

This method works by using steam pressure. The Moka Pot has three chambers.

  1. Fill the bottom chamber to fill line with pre-heated water (brought just to the boil), then fill basket with coarse ground coffee making sure it is level and brush away any loose grounds on the edge of basket, insert basket into bottom and screw on the top – do not over tighten.
  2. Next, place brewer on stove top over moderate heat. It may take a few minutes to bring to a boil. First, you will begin to hear the water being forced up through the ground coffee and then coffee will begin to stream out the top of the tube and into the reservoir.  It should begin as a rich red-brown and then get lighter in color to a yellow honey.
  3. At this time, close the lid and remove brewer from stove top.  To stop the extraction carefully wrap the bottom of the pot with a chilled towel.  Now, open lid and wait until there is no more coffee streaming out, then pour into cups and enjoy.
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