How to Brew: Pourover



This method is a manual pour over and an excellent way to brew a great cup of coffee one cup at a time. We highly recommend using a kitchen scale to brew.

  1. Place cone on a cup, place filter in cone and pour hot water through filter to preheat cone and remove paper flavors.

  2. Dump water from cup and place cone on top. Add 3 tablespoons (21g) medium to fine ground coffee to make 8-10 oz of finished coffee. Make sure the coffee is flat and level by tapping the cone.

  3. Bring water to a boil and let cool for 45 seconds. Place your whole setup on top of a scale, and zero it.

  4. First, start a timer. Then pour 60g water into cone by pouring a spiral motion to wet all grounds, and let coffee bloom. After about 15 seconds begin slowly pouring the water in a spiral motion from center to edge and back again until the scale reads 360g. This is where you can customize your pourover process, either by continually pouring or pouring 90g at a time, letting it drip, and repeating until done.

  5. Let it finish dripping (2-3 minutes), and you should have about 8-10 oz of brewed coffee. Once coffee is brewed remove cone from cup and enjoy.

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